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Lennon: The Musical

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Welcome to the community! :-)

lennonmusical exists for the purpose of discussing the (sadly departed) musical Lennon. Feel free to review the show, post links, share your experience with this show, and tell us where you saw it! Anything else you want to share (or ask) about the show or its performers is welcome. Enjoy yourself!

The rules of this community are simple:
• Keep the language and content PG. Anything that could be considered PG-13 or R, please keep behind an lj-cut or consider rephrasing. Fangirlie squeeing and discussion of performer's personal lives should be kept to a minimum. Please do not tell us how much you wanted to shag someone at the stage door.
• No fishing for bootlegs, fruitkegs, shoes, footwear, or other creative terminology for live recordings (video or audio). While we can't deny they exist, we can ask you to not use this place as a trading venue -- no matter how subtly hinted at. Take it elsewhere.
• No excessive "txt msg" type abbreviations or punctuation, in either comments or entries. Also, please use the shift and space keys when appropriate within the conventions of the English language. Simple typos are fine, especially if English is your second language, but abbreviations and misspellings based on laziness are not.
• In the interest of keeping people's friend lists their normal width, use HTML to shorten long URLs and use an lj-cut for images. I've turned on the option to have placeholders, but it's common courtesy. Feel free to link to your own images (such as stage door photos), but if you don't know how, click here.
• This is not the place to promote your own community. community_promo is.

You may be asked to edit your entry based on these rules.

This community is maintained by alligatorandme and shawk, to whom you should send any specific gripes.